Blog #2


Identity, strategy, and website design for an online apothecary and holistic wellness initiative.

the brief

I teamed up with Hrbgly to refresh their visual identity and optimize their digital experience. Functionally, Hrblgy needed a straightforward
e-commerce site; but more importantly, we created a space where users could come for inspiration, education, and connection.

Freelance, 2020
Photography: Molly Delle, Gabrielle Williams
Copy: Barbara Darko, Mariah Emerson
Illustration: Aashna Shah

Logo design
Brand colors
website design

Hrblgy needed a design system that that could do a lot of heavy lifting, but wouldn’t overwhelm the user.

By breaking up content within sub-brands, Hrblgy could simplify their messaging without having to sacrifice their assortment of offerings.

hrblgy sub-brands
the sage

A submission-based community journal for stories, art, music, and processes that build towards a healing Collective.

the thyme

A wellness journal that pairs scientific research with cultural uses of plant medicine, energetic tradition, and folk practices.


Identity, packaging, and collateral design for a Brooklyn-based fashion brand.


I worked closely with Nymåne founders to create an identity that celebrates their brand ethos: return dressing to a mindful practice. Operating outside a traditional factory system, Nymåne builds direct relationships with the farms, ateliers, and homeworkers making their clothes.

Freelance, 2020
Brand Photography: Chandler Bondurant
Portfolio Photography: Mekea Larson


Echoing Nymane's commitment to circularity, tags use compostable materials–printed on plantable seed paper with algae-based ink.



Piloting a new mobile shopping experience for premium products

the brief

Adidas was looking for a way to upgrade the product description pages on their mobile app into a more meaningful user experience. We piloted this project with a central question in mind: “how can we enhance our digital storytelling?”

Creative Direction: Richard Askin
Art Direction: Luke Miller, AnaRita Souza
Copy: Grace Cowlard, Fadi Sulaiman
Design: Tanya Vulfson, Ron-Peter Wormgoor
Project Management: Sophia Feary, Haley Martin
Production: Verena Trauvetter, Korinna Bognar

A phone screen depicting a still image of a woman zipping up a rain coat.
A phone screen depicting a still image from a video of a man running in the rain wearing a light purple rain coat.

My main role was to create an easy-to-follow system of wireframes. From this catalog, digital components could be mixed and matched in order to build out each product-specific page.

A white box with a drop shadow depicting a low fidelity wireframe of a mobile screen page.
A white box with a drop shadow depicting a low fidelity wireframe of a mobile screen page.

These product pages are easy to understand, straightforward, and functional. But how well do they tell a story?​

Adidas has some great innovations—a 3D printed midsole crafted from years of athlete data, for example. We looked to design an elevated product experience led by richer story content.

A phone screen depicting the interface an Adidas product shopping page.

Enhancing standard product images started with a buildout of specialised content. We used real athletes to highlight new technologies by visualising their features and benefits in action.

Telling the product story from the perspective of athletes, designers, and influencers, we continued the narrative at every point of the consumer journey.

The challenge was to maintain a unified system for products which all have a different story to tell—whether it’s high-tech urban streetwear, athletic innovations in footwear, or a data-driven 3D printed sole.

A mobile phone screen with a black background and a close-up detail photo of a sneaker.
A mobile phone screen depicting a still image of a man's lower legs, wearing black sneakers and about to start running.
A mobile phone screen depicting an image with deconstructed materials of a sneaker, and turquoise text.
A woman's arm reaching across a wooden table to grab a shoe, surrounded by deconstructed shoe materials and sketches.