adidas TERREX


The Terrex Free Hiker Parley is a high-performance hiking shoe with sustainable credentials; it is part of adidas’ ongoing collaboration with Parley, a company that creates fabric from intercepted ocean plastic.

Creative Direction: Wilf Eddings
Art Direction: Robert Glad
Copy: Arran Jolly
Design: Tanya Vulfson, Ron-Peter Wormgoor
Project Management: Louisa Kock
Production: James Scally, Jamie Watson

Photography: Dylan Johnston



I contributed to this project during my time as a digital design intern at adidas. I worked directly with the art director throughout the pre-production phase. This included preparing pitch decks and moodboards, as well as doing research for our campaign hero, models, and shoot locations. 


I also helped to develop the campaign's principal visual language. Compositions of seamlessly blended land- and sea-scapes keep the shoe grounded in its outdoor environment while paying homage to its oceanic origins.

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